Ipswich Pool Fence Safety Inspections

Ipswich swimming pools are now required to have a pool safety certifcate. Residential pools will need to be certified every 2 years and shared pools every 12 months. We can inspect your pool and provide you with a certificate of compliance required to lease or sell your property.

Pool Inspections cost in Ipswich.
If you live in the Ipswich are and own or manage a swimming pool call us now on 1300 677 665 to arrange a Pool Fence Safety Inspection by one of our fully licenced pool inspectors. Pool Inspections cost $220 for residential pools & $330 for Shared pools in Ipswich. Price does not include the $30 Government pool registration fee.
Pool Inspection

Ipswich Pool Inspectors - PH 1300 677 665

Ipswich pool inspections are conducted by fully trained and licenced pool inspectors. After your pool is inspected, you will be provided with a pool safety certifcate also known as a form 23 or or certificate of compliance. Your pool Will also be registered with the Queensland government pool safety register.

Ipswich Pool Fence Laws

Do I need a Pool Safety Certificate in Ipswich?

Yes. If you own or manage a pool in the Ipswich area you will be affected by the new Queensland Pool Laws, which take effect December 2010. Once certified, private residential pools will be required to renew their pool safety certificate every 2 years. This means you will be required to have your pool inspected every 2 years.

However if you own or manage a shared pool in a Hotel, Resort, Motel, Backpackers, Hostel, Caravan park or block of units. You will be required to renew your pool safety certificate every 12 months. All shared pools have a 6-month phase in period from the legislation date by which they must be certified if they wish to continue selling rooms. This means accommodation providers in Ipswich only have until May 2011 to make their pools compliant. Live in the Ipswich area? Book a Ipswich Pool Inspection Onlne.

Who Does The New Pool Legislation Affect?

All Pool Owners, plane and simple.

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Real Estate Agents

The new pool safety laws will affect Real Estate Agents too. Each time a new lease is signed landlords will be required to have a pool inspection done again. Each time a property is SOLD the same applies. Buyers will have 90 days make sure the pool is compliant if the seller did not provide a pool safety certificate.....so buyers beware. If the seller has not provided a pool safefy certificate they must provide the buyer with a disclosure statement stating that the pool has not been inspected and certified.

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